Replacement for 9933-05-BQ
Quantity per box: 10 pieces
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Disposable in-line filters are small filter housings made of PVDF or high-quality Nylon PA 12 with a slightly bluish tint. Depending on the desired filter efficiency, the corresponding particulate microfibre glass filter element is welded in. Disposable in-line filters are inexpensive, small filter units with hose connections for filtration of gases, compressed air and liquids. Depending on the application, different particulate microfibre glass filter elements with separation rates from 75 to > 99.999 % (at 0.01 µm) or pore sizes from 0.3 to 75 µm are available.

Main Connection

6.3 mm

Port Connection Type


Filtration Efficiency

99.99 % @ 0.01 micron particles

Outer diameter

25.4 mm


82 mm

Maximum Pressure

40°C 7 Bar

Maximum Pressure Drop

1 Bar

Max. Operating Temperature

At 0 Bar pressure 110°C

Materials of Construction


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