Replacement for 050-05-CQ
Quantity per box: 10 pieces
Certificate of conformity

Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks

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Particulate microfibre glass filter element bonded with Kynar fluorocarbon (P.V.D.F.) resin. This filter element ist specified where corrosive gases and liquids are to be filtered, due to exellent chemical resistance. Special made for applications with highly reactive gases because of its very low level of adsorption. Replacement for 050-05-CQ.


Corrosive or reactive gases

Filtration Efficiency

99.5 % @ 0.01 micron particles

Air flow resistance

< 6 KPa at 6m/min @ 25°C

Inner diameter

12.5 mm

Outer diameter

17 mm

Burst minimum

0.8 Bar

Collapse minimum

2.0 Bar

Temperature resistance

-50°C to + 150°C

Chemical resistance

Mineral, vegetable and synthetic lubricants

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